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Become ourAMBASSADoR

Since 2019, we have been committed to strengthening the relationships with the community of artists who use our products, and we are proud to share this common passion for the art of painting. Becoming an Ambassador offers you the exceptional opportunity to create a rewarding collaboration between manufacturer and artist, and to showcase your creations through our colors and products.

benefits for ambassadors

Exclusive access to the latest releases

As an ambassador, you will have access to the latest product research and new colors developed in the workshop to test them. We will pay special attention to analyzing your feedback on their use.


Visibility on our platforms

Your presentation page will be created on our website. We will highlight your latest creations, projects, and upcoming events within our artistic community and across all of our social media platforms.


Listening to your needs

A budget will be proposed so that you can work with our products under the best conditions.


A promotional code

A personalized promotional code will be assigned to you so you can integrate it into your marketing strategy. Sharing your list of materials is a good way to create stronger connections with your community.

Responsibility of Ambassadors

Official Representative

As a Schaal ambassador, your role is to embody our brand with enthusiasm, expertise, and professionalism. We are aware of the habits and preferences of each artist, and that is why we will never prohibit the use of other brands, whatever they may be. However, we recommend highlighting our products. Your commitment and choices shape the image and reputation of the Schaal brand.


Share your experience

As a Schaal ambassador, spark the curiosity of your community! Share videos, tutorials, and tips related to Schaal products. Your inspiring content will encourage other artists to explore new perspectives and enrich their creations.


Knowing and Mastering our Equipment

Before becoming an ambassador, it is essential to already be familiar with our equipment. If this is not the case, we can offer you a discount to give you the opportunity to create your first experience.